How to make sharp nose without plastic surgery is not easy and requires time and process . However, the nose becomes sharp tips so naturally does not mean no . Special massage techniques for treating facial beauty and the use of modern tools you can try to make sharp nose naturally .
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The nose is one of the parts of the face which has its own charm . Both women and men would want a beautiful form in order to enhance your appearance . How to make sharp snub nose using traditional techniques can be a cheap solution without surgery . You just need to do some massage movements with natural materials during leisure time .Meanwhile, for those of you who already sharp nose but troubled with blackheads , do wear white egg facials to keep skin healthy and free from blackheads .Tips to make sharp nose naturally with gentle massage massage - facial areas around the nasal bones are useful to help become more sharp than before . Although the results can not be seen in a short time and short , in this way tend to be more secure than using chemicals and cheaper than plastic surgery .
Tips on How to Naturally sharp nose

  •     Begin pinching the tip of the nose slowly and then lifted up . Do it regularly every day for 4-5 minutes so that the nose more pointed and sharp by itself .

  •     How to make sharp nose naturally others are using essential oils such as lavender or jasmine and massage from the tip to the base close to the eye . Be careful not to hit the oil of your beautiful eyes .

  •     Position the middle finger in the corner of the eye and place the right ring finger underneath , gently massage until you feel the muscle lies the nose . Do it with relaxed for 8-10 times a day .

  •     Yoga can be a way make sharp nose naturally through proper breathing exercises . With yoga , breathing techniques , aquiline nose look without you realizing it . The trick , sit in a straight position and then use your right thumb to close your right nostril . Take a breath using a hole to the left and hold the breath for four seconds . Then exhale slowly while counting to six .

Repeat this breathing motion on the left nostril and do alternate for 15-20 minutes . Besides useful for more pointed nose , it also can soothe your mind .

  •     Tool to make sharp nose snub
alat untuk memancungkan hidung pesek    Wearing a special tool called nose-up in order to form a more aquiline nose could be another alteratif . This tool is designed to create a form that is sharp and pointy nose by pressing certain parts without damaging the skin 's health .

When compared with the silicone injections or plastic surgery nose-up would be safer to use and less expensive . But , you have to pay attention to the instructions for use properly in order to get maximum results .
How to make sharp nose quickly it can endanger the health of skin and facial conditions when using chemicals that are harmful . While the use of natural and traditional way is more powerful , but there is no guarantee of success becomes aquiline nose . Grateful for face shape you have is a wise and right way to radiate true beauty hidden in the soul of each person.


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