Over time, your skin is dulled by its exposure to pollution, dirt and therefore the rays of the sun, and a layer of dead skin cells will build au fait the surface. this is often why regular cleanup away of the dead skin cells, or exfoliating, is therefore necessary in maintaining a transparent and healthy wanting skin. There area unit thousands of branded product on the shelves that you simply will use to try to to the duty, however they typically contain harsh chemicals which will harm your skin, and that they {can also|also will|can even|may also|may} be expensive! the simplest exfoliators area unit those that you simply can build yourself reception. they're natural and effective, therefore feel the variations and take a look at a number of our prime 10 natural exfoliators:


1. Lemon, epsom salt and oil homespun body scrub

Lemon juice, epsom salt and oil could be a nice natural jazz band for a homespun body scrub. Epsom salt naturally softens the skin and helps to induce obviate dead skin cells, juice, that is made in ascorbic acid, could be a natural blanching agent and brightener, and oil can build your skin silklike sleek. combine a handful of tablespoons of epsom salt with oil and add slightly juice (adjust the number of ingredients till you get the consistency that you simply want). Exfoliate your body with this scrub once or double every week whereas within the shower and you'll see however your skin becomes additional effulgent and soft.

2. Almonds and honey face and body scrub

Grind a few|some} of almonds and blend with it with a spoon or two of honey, add some oil if the consistency is simply too sticky for you, to make a natural scrub which will carry your dead skin and refresh and nourish your smart skin. you'll use this scrub each for your face and for your body. The antibacterial drug property of the honey is additionally smart for clearing up blemishes.

3. oil and sugar homespun body scrub

Olive oil and sugar scrubs area unit one in every of the foremost well-liked home exfoliators that there's. simply combine along some sugar and oil for a skin softening skin treatment which will scrub off all the dead skin cells. This scrub is additionally smart for each face and body, however make certain to be terribly light once you massage the scrub into your skin. Avoid exploitation it on your face, if your skin is sensitive.

4. homespun sugar scrub

You don’t want dearly-won tubs of exfoliator from the shop, simply sugar and water can do the job! combine some sugar with water and rub away. it'll work wonders!

5. Egg and cream homespun face scrub

Finely grind the shell of associate egg, combine with one ingredient and a few cream to make another nice exfoliator for dry skin. Scrub gently and so leave on for 5-10 minutes and you'll realize contemporary and glowing skin beneath.

6. Coffee, sugar and lavender homespun body scrub

A scrub for each exfoliating and treating skin blemishes, a mix of lavender, low and sugar calms aggravated skin and cleans the dead cells, feat your skin clear, soft and invigorated. simply combine a tablespoon of sugar with one tablespoon of finely ground low, add a teaspoon of dried lavender and slightly oil to induce the consistency that you simply wish. Massage your body with this scrub whereas within the shower and revel in stunning, soft and glowing skin!

7. Oatmeal and milk homespun face scrub

Mix a pair of spoons of milk with one spoon of pulverized oatmeal and leave for a short while to let the milk soak into the oatmeal. Stir the mixture and use as a face scrub for a effulgent glow to your skin. Gently massage your face with this scrub, leave it on for five minutes then rinse. Your skin can love it!

8. Epsom salts homespun body scrub

Brush away the dead skin with one in every of the purest salts on the world. simply combine some epsom salts with slightly water or oil for an easy, simple and natural homespun body exfoliator. (This scrub is simply too harsh to use on the face, therefore use it solely as a body scrub).

9. Crushed strawberries homespun face scrub

If you have already got soft skin, however still suffer from oil, then gently rubbing crushed strawberries on your face can gently exfoliate your soft skin and take away a number of the surplus oil.

10. Lip scrub

For soft and kissable lips, furthermore as for a good and sleek lipstick application, make certain to exfoliate your lips often. begin by applying a thick layer of Shea butter to melt your lips. when regarding five minutes, use this natural, homespun lip scrub: combine sugar with a teaspoon of oil or copra oil, add a teaspoon of lemon or lyme juice and gently rub your lips with this mixture in circular motion for a second or 2, be gentle. wash and revel in soft, stunning and kissable lips!

Quick note: women with sensitive skin ought to avoid harsh scrubs and exfoliators, as a result of it will cause skin irritation and redness. If you've got sensitive skin, avoid exfoliating altogether and choose a flannel instead.


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